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Saturday, February 23, 2008


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It is completely ashame on the magazine's part. It is certainly not a way to do justice for the most responsible profession of the world. I hate people who make bias statement...


This isn't surprising. Over the past five years, viral Bush hatred has become an preferred alternative to reasoned political discourse. To the extent that the president has been divisive, it is more a result of Democratic betrayal on Iraq than anything the president himself has said or done.

The coverage from Time/CNN is quite pitiful. It says a lot about the state of our political culture that Time/CNN thinks it can get away with politicizing the death of presidential bodyguards and escort officers.


Typical. I'm sure we'll never hear recognition of (nevermind apologies for) this kind of stuff. What bias? Hahaha. And the MSM continues to be astonished that the Americans are increasingly critical of the established media monopoly.

E Buzz Miller

I convinced my parents to cancel their sub to Time, a magazine that had become thinner and thinner, physically, and thinner and thinner, content wise.

I wonder about the intellect of people who write for that magazine, just not much there.


Their Bush headline is an outright lie. Kinda makes me wish I had a sub to cancel.

Cover Me, Porkins

Time had gone south by the mid-Nineties, which is when a friend and longtime subscriber requested a cancellation in a stern letter to the publisher. It's since sunk to a left-wing opinion magazine; The New Republic in denial.


But come on, aside from those waiting in Dentist waiting rooms, does anyone actually read Time?

This is like that old joke....a meteor is going to hit earth and kill everyone. The next day the NY TIMES runs the headline 'Meteor Coming: Women and Minorities Will Die'.

Nothing new.


Were the circumstances of the two incidents identical? I don't remember the Bush incident.

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