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Thursday, January 24, 2008


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Morgan K Freeberg

So when I asked in another thread...

Do you mean to say nobody is making any profit off environmentalist movements?

...I basically guaranteed myself that I'll never get a serious answer to this. Even though the person to whom I asked it, made a frosting-sarcastic point that makes NO sense unless an answer could be provided in the affirmative.

This shrinking planet is covered with so many bright, cheerful smiles that sparkle away whenever the U.S. dollar takes another one in the shorts. There's either a financial investment in all this schadenfreude, or else it's all emotional and rather childish.

But I see a lot of these people who are happy when the USD is doing its tanking, are deep into the environmental movement. (Many of them, driving big cars, bitching away about gas prices.) According to the story you've linked, for the benefit of people like myself who wonder "where exactly does the money come from" -- it's the carbon exchange market. A nothing-is-produced market. A parasite market. Currently pegged at a $30 billion industry, it's expected to multiply tenfold by 2020.

Which means...the people bitching about gas prices, when they have to reach for their wallets while filling up their enormous cars. Looking forward to a brighter tomorrow when GWB leaves office.

We are being SO had.


Like the cynic said, "Follow the money."

There's gold in them thar habitats!

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