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Saturday, October 13, 2007


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Morgan K Freeberg

Pretty easy question, Rick. We gave women the right to vote.

I'm not saying we should take it away again, mind you, or even that it was a mistake. I'm just saying -- we gave women the right to vote. And in the generations after that, this mysterious, nameless, faceless force comes out and gets less subtle every decade, to the point where no household cleaning or personal hygeine product can be sold on the boob tube without going through the ritual of the wife being right and the husband being wrong.

It's a reaction to the action. If we had to do it over again fifty times, we'd see this consequential attack on manhood fifty times.

Of course, this fellows encounter in the computer shop has to do with something else that is a big problem: Children reaching maturity without being burdened by real problems. The shut-up lady is problem-starved, reduced to creating artificial problems. The men she is weary of attracting, are in the same boat.

Except the difference is those boys have been told that not only are men unnecessary, but there is something odious about a man aspiring to be necessary, or even envisioning himself as somehow being anything other than a decorative ornament. They've reached maturity trying to fulfill a vision for them that is contrary to their own excellence.

You see this in the movie industry. You could call it "Die Hard" syndrome. We go along for a few years minding our own business, and in 1988 out comes Die Hard. Wow! It's a mini-movie revolution!'s not, you see. The hero is isolated in such a way that he, as an individual, is the only human being with the means and the proximity to thwart evil. It had been done before. Just not for awhile. We'd been instructed to believe it was passe to make movies like that involving a genuine male hero, but in reality people still hungered for it.

By Die Hard IV, John McLane is whining about how much it sucks to be a hero because you eat a lot of meals alone. We seem to have an environment where the tough, resourceful masculine hero can still sprout like the mighty oak tree he is, but he rots from within quickly.

Same thing happened with Indiana Jones. He changed moviemaking. But only for a little Last Crusade, he was whining about how screwed up he was because of his well-intentioned but uncaring daddy.

To simply tune in every week, and let the Lone Ranger stay the Lone Ranger for years at a time...or Superman stay Superman...or Roy Rogers stay Roy Rogers...or Batman stay anathema to us. We're worried about who we're going to offend. And so James Bond must question his predilection for sleeping with so many women, and smoking, and ponder whether or not he really needs to win every single Blackjack game.

Simply put, we think of masculinity as offensive. We don't even need to have it demonstrated to us that anyone was offended. There's this cultural sense that even a little tiny smidgen of manliness is overpowering and too much of it goes way too far...and it remains a dominant cultural sense, without any hard evidence arriving to keep it going.

Lifetime Channel can have their man-bashing marathons, but the man-hero can only be served up in garnish-sized doses. Years apart. A continuous stream of it, is out of the question; the dish must be strictly rationed. It just seems like a good idea when your lifestyle is too comfortable and you don't have enough real problems to solve. You begin to under-value the resources that would be used to solve those problems. Spoiled brats with pink-pearl cell phones and teacup poodles in purses, don't have much use for old John Wayne movies.

Hope that answers the question.


Ah Morgan, words come off your fingers like water out of the faucet only the quality is so much better.

Yes, you answered the question and indeed, the answer ought to be its own post.

Good stuff man...


I don't think I'd want a manly man to stay the exact same over the years. I would hope that he would become perfected in his manliness, by quietly and serenely going about his manly life, taking care of those in his charge.

And frankly, James Bond is not manly because he does not have the courage to love with all his heart, soul and mind. He's too busy murdering his conscience and thinking he's "cool".

Morgan K Freeberg

Rick, the "its own post" is here, and thanks for the inspiration & kind words.

Mommy, I respect your opinion, and feel the same way about other more post-modern symbols of maleness such as baggy-ass pants. Bond does indeed change, whereas the clown pants do not. I suggest if the time comes to do some more tinkering around with one of these -- it's my turn. Do something with the cabbage pants, and leave Bond alone.

We both know it won't happen that way. Isn't it interesting how those things get decided?


Mr. Freeberg, I'll have to admit that if I was in a tight spot, I'd rather have Mr. Bond with me than any baggy-panted idiot. And I'm glad you understand why he may not be an ideal man in my world. Even when I first saw the first Bond movies (way back when), I always felt sorry for him that he had to jump from woman to woman to woman. It seemed like a cold existence. And I always felt sorry for the women that they could not look forward to anything more than a few sexual trysts instead of enjoying the full company and person of this one man.

I guess I'm old fashioned that way.


A real man does not and cannot exist unless he is able to surrender his heart and soul over to God. Than and only than can he be the husband and father God created him to be. He has to die to his selfish ways in order to provide the needs of his wife and children. It is the mans responsibility to be the Spiritual and Physical leader of his home. The word of God says in the last day men will turn from the hearts of his sons. They will become lovers of themselves. The men in this generation is fulfilling that Prophecy. Most men today can walk away from their children and never look back. We are living in a selfish generation and everyone of us will stand before the almighty God to be judged. What will be your Verdict


Simple, really. There's nothing left to fight for anymore in society nowadays which has produced men who simply do not know how to fulfill their natural role; it's impossible. For centuries, Men used to draw strength from the protection of their female counterparts in the face of adversity. Fear was something to be repressed, not consulted about, and honour was to be earned by being brave. Nowadays, "honour" seems like nothing more than an obsolete word.

Think about it. At a time when simply surviving or establishing your freedom was paramount, men could not afford to be so sensitive; it is a sign of weakness and in the bigger picture of survival, gets them nowhere. Today however, sometimes the only things men need to care about is whether the house is clean, or whether there is food in the fridge.

In a way, human progression and intellect; the act of making life easier and more comfortable, has produced today's sensitive men that you talk about. Perhaps conscription might be a good idea, but i guess that would compromise our much cherished freedom...

Mr. Blue

Oh the difference almost a year makes. After everything going on in the news I think were returning to the day when fighting for freedom might become the norm again!

I disagree a bit with you Ben. I think there is still plenty to fight for. When you turn on the TV and see crap like lady gaga videos and jersey shore broadcasting filth into the minds of our children, we have an excellent opportunity to be real men. When we fight to keep our jobs in this shitty economy by rolling up our sleeves and saying "I am NOT too good to work at burger king/walmart/open a business/drive a bus" we show our manliness by doing what it takes to provide for the family.

When we raise our daughters right, and take our kids shooting, and teach themm REAL American history and not the crap they spew in the public schools, we are being real Men. When we adore our wives and stay faithful to them and to the God that created us, we be real men.

By doing these things we set an example, and a standard for those around us to immitate.

We may not all get to be lumberjacks, or own a farm and even though a lot of us would love to, we can still be the standup model of a real man for those around us. we just need to stand up and do it.

Don't pander to these feminists, don't fall for the peace and love for all BS. stand up for whats yours, your values. That my friend is what real me do these days.

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