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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


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So I thinking Marry Banilow takes the money from the sales of his music even when it's bought by conservatives. I could be wrong.

Morgan K Freeberg


Well-done, and this does underscore something terrible happening with the Western male, but to question his manhood is an insult to women.

ANTI-Elizabeth Hassle-Back

Eliz. Hassle-Back is PRO TORTURE; has no concept or reality other than her image in a mirror or on tape, and certainly no sense of history. Torture should be illegal in every instance, and not merely a protection under the Geneva Conventions. Clearly, she went to PUBLIC SCHOOLS.

Morgan K Freeberg

Eliz. Hassle-Back is PRO TORTURE...

Source, please.


What a country we live in. I can't believe that he would not be on the show because he didn't want to be on a show that everyone didn't agree with his opinions! I have no respect for him anymore as a person or singer. I have the right NOT to purchase any of his present or future CD's. Get off your high horse .Not everyone has to agree with you to discuss current issues. Elizabeth has every right to her thoughts and convictions. It is however a TALK show not the United Nations Meeting. I have a feeling he just felt it could hurt his sales if he had a discussion with her and the other co-host.Good for The View for standing up to Mr Manilow

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