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Saturday, July 21, 2007


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Morgan K Freeberg

I had a bit of deja vu when the article carped away about women being unable to wear pants on the Senate floor until the 1990's.

My Google skilz aren't "mad" enough to scare up anything about it, other than a bunch of other bloggers complaining about things, the majority of whom are linking back to this same piece. Odd. When we put energy into complaining about things, aren't we supposed to keep in mind what those things are so we can be properly vexed about them? Once again, the oppressive white male is blamed for curtailing rights & privileges nobody really cares about when you inspect the way people behave. So -- what happened? When did we "let" female senators wear pants?

And most importantly, before that came about, how many female senators were sent back home to change, and let this be a lesson to you for next time? Who sent them? I'm fascinated that it seems to have been such a trivial matter to tell members of Congress how to dress; nowadays, we're having a lot of trouble just to compel them to live under the rules they impose on others.

Let's go for broke here. Let's make up for lost time. I say, mandatory schoolgirl outfits for all the female legislators who are "hawt." Republican or Democrat. But they have to be hawt. NOT Feinstein, NOT Pelosi...and absolutely, positively, certainly, NOT the junior Senator from New York.


Give me a break! First we have the silliness of a news reporter talking about a Senator's cleavage. That in itself is an insult to the intelligence of every citizen. But then you have to compound the insult by, first, talking about it, and second, expressing an opinion on it. Who cares about Ms. Clinton's breasts? Does anybody talk about Guiliani's abs, or McCain's pecs?


Mike R.


You don't have to be ashamed of your feelings. Admit it! You love the Senator's breasts. I'm not mad at ya.

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