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Wednesday, December 13, 2006


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Marc V

I look forward to seeing your review. I pray that it will inspire you to draw closer to the Lord.

Where would we be but for God's grace? We beat ourselves up for the sins and shortcomings in our lives, yet the Lord is ready to help us back up, brush off the dirt of the world, and lead us to the path of righteousness.

[PS I try not to be nit-picky, since I make plenty of mistakes on my own site, but the word you are looking for at the end of your post is "ciao"(with an accent over the "i"?), Italian for bye. "Chow" is related to eating or a breed of dog. Unless you were going to get something to eat at the end of your post :-)]


From reading his bio he sounds very uplifting. He's even an avid motorcyclist!

I know what you mean about the word sojourner...but a sojourner who talks about sin has to approach the word with a humble spirit.

Tim King

Hey I'm glad to see you're starting to get into the book... and I know what you mean about almost deleting it as another slick marketing ploy! It's so hard to be authentic via technology -- the only thing I find more difficult is trying to re-cast the idea of our pursuing God as, in reality, his pursuing us. New or fresh ideas do not always get much of a wide hearing in our religious circles today -- I'm grateful for your willingness to give it all an ear. Thanks. Sincerely... Thanks.

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