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Sunday, November 26, 2006


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--She told a stunned audience that it was "not a noble calling" and journalists "have no ethics"..---


However could she have said such a thing about the noble 4th Estate ? A collection of moral midgets, hypocrites, and purveyors of public misery. Cutting to the chase, all that anyone needs to understand about the 'Media' can be derived by viewing the 'Front Page' or any of its multiple remakes, or by watching the sharks, oops, I mean 'reporters', group around a hapless victim whenever 'blood' is scented in the public arena.

An unpleasant self-absorbed collection of cynical poltroons with a completely undeserved delusion of grandeur seemingly permanently attached.

What a marvelous comment by Mrs. Blair. I don't even care if it was merely selfish personal payback for past affronts.

Marvellous Cheri, --- marvellous.

More please --- much much more.

Tim Chesterton

Rick, the New Testament scholar NT Wright has many times explained to students the modern day equivalent of the Pharisees. He says (words to this effect): 'There is a group of people in modern times who see themselves as the self-appointed guardians of public morality. They dog the footsteps of leaders, politicians, priests, rock stars and so on, watching closely for the smallest hint of imperfection, which they then gleefully point out in great detail to millions of readers. Thier own personal morality, of course, never has to face such scrutiny. These are the modern-day Pharisees. Who are they? Journalists, of course!'


Let's be honest about this. Cherie is upset because they have targeted her. I have no doubt that Cherie has used the press more often than they have attacked her.


Hey, Tim, I thought that was the Republicans, no strangers to scandals themselves these days. ; )

Could you provide a link to N.T. Wright saying that?

Tim Chesterton

Zos, it's in several of his books - both his little NT commentaries and also, I think, 'Jesus and the Victory of God'. The books are all down at the office, and I'm at home - sorry!


No worry. I was just curious. I have dabbled in Wright and respect and like what I've read, which includes a few chapters in Jesus and the Victory of God. I think he is a needed challenge to those who want to reduce salvation to merely substitutionary atonement.

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