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Wednesday, March 02, 2005


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Steve F.

I was always told,"If it's good, it's God; if it's slop, it's probably Steve." I'm thankful you found me, grateful for the attention, and I'll be curious to see the response. I tried to stay true to the text - we'll see how close I was. My goal was simply to tell "the old, old story" in a new way that would emphasize the outrageousness of grace.

Jeff H

[I left this same comment at Ragamuffin's]:

Maybe it's just me and my background, but it's not all that shocking to me. More shocking is that so few Christians get it--that the Gospel is a scandal. It is not meant to be taken lightly, nor is it meant to be easy to stomach. It is meant to pierce a person to their very core, to shake--no, to *shatter*--the very foundation of their world.

Jesus today would--and, through we Christians, *should*--find the lowest of the low, the most conceited of the all the conceited, the most horrific of all the horrible, and touch them. Shame on us for not being Jesus to a dead and dying world.


Rick! Nice post. Funny how life takes on a different twist when I stand as one with a rock in my hand ready to stone those who break the Law and then I have to look Jesus in the eyes and hear his spin on things. Jesus always challenges us to move beyond ourselves. I too thought Steve did an outstanding job with this text.



Thanks Rick and Steve. No kidding, this past Sunday in my morning message (I am a preacher for those who don't know) I was talking about the importance of just simply 'inviting' people. Not trying to 'win' people or convince people of anything, but to just invite them to come. I made a big deal, a big, big deal about the fact that we are to be willing to invite all people regardless of their place in life or lifestyle they might be in. Jesus loved the woman at the well. That was a big, big deal in His day! He even drank from her cup! Unheard of!!! A Jewish rabi touching the cup of an 'immoral' non-jewish womans cup to His lips! A cup that had often touched her lips...unthinkable.

We need a lot less finger pointing and a lot more genuine caring out of the the church. (any finger pointing going on here is pointed directly at myself)



while i'm not exactly one of your conservative friends i'd still like to chime in. yes, i think there is real power in the retelling of this story. that jesus simply accepts the waiter for who he is... yup, that's grace. peace,


Y'know something? Cynical atheist that I am, it is posts such as these and the originating sermon that have me thinking that there is still a chance that Christianity can realise its orignal intentions.

How long has it taken? 1900 years?


I enjoyed the re-presentation of the Woman at the Well. As a social and theologically conservative person, I found nothing wrong with this story and I also found a credible representation of Jesus in today's social context.

Personally, I think that the reason that some people put so much effort into countering homosexuality is that they can focus on someone else's sins so that they don't have to focus on theirs.

Homosexual sex is sinful (Scripture and Tradition are clear on this). But the sin is a lesser sin than spiritual pride. Believing that someone else is beyond redemption so that you can feel better about your self is worse than having sex with someone who is the same sex.


Richard Cook

I'm in the Episcopal Church and, obviously we are going through our own problems, however.....

This is the problem I have. Some Gays and Lesbians are trying to get the church to accept them without the life altering power of Jesus Christ. Basically accept us as we are (we do), but, let us continue in our sin, don't bother us, and, we want leadership positions in the Church. Grace without Christs alteration of our lives is very cheap grace. Like Bonhoffer said there is no sacrifice called for, no life did he say it? "Like a cheapjacks wares".

Sin is sin and if repentance is not accompanied by a changed life. There has been too much emphasis on homosexuality and not enough on divorce, impure heterosexual lifstyles, etc. But, there is still the recognition, at least, that divorce, etc are still sins. The question at least in some areas is is homosexuality sin?

Richard Cook

Uhhh. 1st sentence, 3rd para. ...the repentance was not deep. Ooops


Well, you have two issues--the personal and the political. The personal says that Christians should reach out to homosexuals. The political say that concerned citizens in a democracy should lobby for what they feel is right.

When it comes to things like gay marriage, Christians are really the only lobby holding it back. I have no doubt that if Christians gave up on this one gay marriage would be the law of the land.

So what are we to do? If we lobby against gay marriage the opposition calls us hateful and not expressing "Jesus' love." (It always amazes me when people who couldn't tell Jesus from Alan Ginsburg lecture believers on what Jesus would do.) This is nothing but trying trying to use Christians' own virtue against Christians and for the advantage of the gay agenda.

That said, on the personal side we do need to reach out more. We do need to be more accepting of individual homosexuals as people. But don't need to be more accepting of their overall political agenda. We shouldn't confuse the two, but everyone does and I think the more cynical gay activists like it that way.

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