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Monday, December 06, 2004


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Jeff H

What you're going through is one of those maddening, paradoxical "seasons of darkness". In order for our faith to grow, it must occasionally molt: shed its former skin and break out anew. It is a painful experience--like childbirth--yet ultimately both necessary and, in hindsight admittedly, fulfilling.

Our faith must be challenged, it must be tested, it must be exercised. Otherwise, it will wither on the vine. And unfortunately, the challenge, the test, the circumstances of its exercise, are not of our making/choosing/timing. For we are not the authors of our own stories, but rather the protagonist.

Remember: to get to the Promised Land, the children of Israel had to wander through the desert for 40 years.

Keep the faith--and give some of it away. You'll be OK, and are in my prayers.

Feeble Knees

Hey Rick, I am sorry to hear things are difficult for you right now. I'll spare you the plattitudes - they're not all that useful some days. "Religion" is not necessarily a bad thing to lose; faith is another matter.

I have no real answers. I don't like not having real answers. It's means more insecurity, more uncertainty. I've had all I can take of either.

Ah, but this is fertile ground for great faith. Have patience, and let patience have her perfect work. (James 1:3-4)

A comforting read at this time might be In My Father's Vineyard. It has one of the most insightful and comforting descriptions of winter that I've ever read, it comforted me greatly in a difficult time.

I pray that God visits you in your time of need, and provides all that you have need of physicially, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Hang in there brother,

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