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Thursday, September 30, 2004


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not perfection

this is great... thanks.

Hey, Rick -- I'm living in a swing state! Who'd have thought it? Best,


What the hell??? Which candidate is in favor of making rape legal, Cameron? *shakes head*

I'm betting that she's a liberal. Only a liberal would use the "right to our bodies" phrase in an attempt to make the voting public believe that somehow women will lose all rights if the wrong person gets elected.


feminist core

Cameron should stick to hair flipping and giggling like a schoolgirl. Her politics are warped. Rape ISN'T legal, cameron. And no candidate is using legalizing rape as a political platform. So if the person you don't want in office gets elected, the one thing you won't have to worry about, valley girl, is that rape will like, totally be, like, legalized! You've insulted women everywhere. From now on, Hollywood Diva, just shut up and make some more movies SO I CAN BOYCOTT YOU.

the anti-dumb blonde

hey cameron, you have really proven just how "dumb" you are! What the hell were you talking about on Oprah? I am also surprised that Oprah didn't edit such a lame comment. Which candidate is trying to legalize rape, moron? You have topped the lamest comment ever list, you idiot. Do you know what the term "rape" actually means? Whoever thinks that the rest of America is going to vote "hollywood" just because "hollywood" wants us to back up your moronic asses must believe in the power of bogus propaganda! Remember your opinion doesn't influence the masses. Who do you think you are? Certainly not God!!!!!!! Keep your opinions to yourself and spend your time working on another lame movie. By the way, infidels are what you and the rest of hollywood are considered in many countries around the world.

Ronald McCreamhouse

Cameron is talentless and she spews inane rhetoric in an attempt to sound intelligent. She speaks and does so with the sole intent of hearing herself speak. She thinks if she says something, it will be an affirmation of her intellect. Well it certainy affirms one thing that we already know-- that she's brainless.

I'm all for freedom of speech, but when someone says something this incredibly idiotic, it begins to infringe on our rights.

Although all opinions and arguments are perfectly fine, coherence and fact-based logic is required to back those opinions and arguments. Without those two basic ingredients, your opinion means absolutly nothing. Fallacious comments and comments based purely on emotion, devoid of any and all logic, are utter crap.

Just like I don't ask doctors to fix my sink or talk to plumbers about fixing my head wound, I would certainly not ask actors about issues involving anything but acting. They may have opinions, but if you subscribe to the philosophy that all opinions are equal, then why is her opinion on oprah while mine is on a weblog?

Side Note: When did she start being a weekend warrior for Womens' issues? Was it before or after she took a lead role in one of her inane comedies?


Go Cameron!!! I think she speaks for many women voters in our right to our own bodies. If Bush has 4 more years, he can appoint potentialy four new supreme court justices. If they are as right wing as he is then Roe v Wade will be overturned. Bush wants to turn back the clock on America. I admire Ms Diaz courage to speak out.


That was a very stupid comment by her, but she's Cubana, and all Cubans are, she's a Republican, not a Democrat, even worse.

I hate VOTE OR DIE!!!



Bush won, so when is rape going to be legalized???? Diaz is just another hollywood bimbo with nothing between the ears except mush.


Where do I start? There are so many things about Republicans that are so stupid. First, Cameron made a valid point but Republicans are too stupid to understand it. Second, Bush is the one without the brains. Have you ever heard him pronounce something correctly? Also, Republicans don't agree with abortion yet they let humans get killed in Iraq when they are of age. This country is going down the hell hole. Thanks to the dumbass americans who voted for the idiot. I have tried to talk with Republicans on an even keel but they are to stupid to understand. I could go on and on but I don't think you people would understand it.



Thanks for leaving your...comments... here.

Now I urge you to get back to People magazine, the National Enquirer and MTV so that you can gather more pearls of wisdom...

Wake up

Because someone does not share your political views or how you think every American should live, does not make you stupid. What is stupid is Liberals believing their way of life should be everyone's way of life. Lying and scare tactics cannot take away the moral certitude of people who cherish the way of life they have inherited by being an American.


Just wondering how many of these Hollywood political brainiacs actually take the time out of their schedules to vote??? Is there any way to find out, especially when they think they can dish out voting advice to the rest of us?


You know...people who think that the corporations, governments, pharma companies and religious right, gives two sh*ts about them, get what they deserve. Obviously, Cameron Diaz is a strong independent the idea of governments and idiotic right wing control freaks determining what happens between her legs and her her most frightening guys are probably the next most frightening and worst blog site I've ever seen next to Ann Coulter's site.

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