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Monday, February 02, 2015


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You don't throw over the middle.

There is no "wasted plays" with 26 seconds left and second and goal in any game, much less the SB.

Two words, Coach, Marshawn Lynch.

Lastly, thanks for giving those insufferable Pats fans even more ammunition.

tim, aka The Godless Heathen

Look at that play again. It should have been a touchdown. Except for a heroic effort by the defender, it would have been.

Every time an offensive play is stopped, people claim it was a failure on the part of some offensive player. The defender never gets credit. Stop denigrating the defender. He was brilliant.


Mr. Sykes, no one is denigrating the defender... what is being criticized is the play calling.

Not sure how in heck you're missing that.


I am a Seahawks fan of many, many years and that play was a throwback to the days of old when they would invariably shoot themselves in the foot with victory within their grasp. Sadly, Carroll's explanation rings hollow because he tries to quickly slide past the fact that the decision to throw the ball was made before the players were sent onto the field, as is obvious from the fact that the receivers were sent out there. It was not thrown to "waste" a play, it was to be thrown from the moment Lynch got up from the ground after running for four yards on the previous play.

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