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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


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Linda Fox

Let's look at a more realistic version of this story:

You get onto a plane, without a ticket, and sit down.

The Jew who had been in that seat courteously shows you his valid ticket, explaining that he had left for a few minutes.

You tell him, "You lost your seat, DOG!"

He appeals to the flight attendants, who see the ticket, but shrug their shoulders - don't want to cause trouble, you see.

The Jew tried to reason with the invader. He offers to pay him for another seat - a BETTER seat. But you refuse - you want HIS seat.

Meanwhile, the Jew keeps trying to get official recognition of his rights. While he is doing so, you poke him with a stick, spit on him, and threaten his grandchildren. When his daughter protests the ill treatment, you slap her, call her "Whore!", and tell her that she deserves to be raped.

Finally, the airport administration arrives; the Jew sighs in relief, as they will order the seat returned.

They kick the Jew, and his entire family off the plane, and threaten to jail them all for Arab hatred if they protest.

And, further, ban them from ALL airlines in the future.

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