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Thursday, April 10, 2014


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I always thought the rollout/website disaster, and by extension, the number of sign ups was a distraction from the real issue anyways. That being, big government controlling yet again another facet of our lives. Just like Social Security and the rest of the big nanny state BS.

Though of course it’s worth noting the fictitious enrollment numbers. But what gets lost in that is the number of Americans who lost the coverage in the first place. It’s basically the same number so it’s a push. Nothing gained. And good luck finding a new doctor with Obamacare, suckers.

And let’s not forget what the champions of this crap where spouting off about when they where on the way to cramming this down our throats - that there was “30 million people without health insurance“. Remember that one? They conveniently didn’t divulge how many of those people were either ; illegal immigrants (remember also they told us they wouldn’t be covered under Obamcare), young people who had access but didn’t want to pay for coverage or wealthy individuals who it doesn’t make financial sense to buy insurance. So now, 7 million are signed up, less the roughly 7 million who lost coverage and…we’re back to square one - 30 million with out coverage.

And we’re not even talking about the ever increasing sky high cost.

So big effing whoop, you’ve succeeded in nothing. But for liberals, it’s just business as usual. They feel good about themselves but we’re all screwed.

Yea, this will end well.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

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