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Thursday, December 05, 2013


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I'm sorry, but you are the one who is confused. The Pope did rant on against capitalism and by implication the US. The Pope and the whole Church is economically illiterate, and its policies would impoverish people. It is an open question what kind of leftist Frances is, my guess is Peronista.

Tim Chesterton

The Pope is not a leftist, the Pope is a Christian. Sometimes that means he'll sound like a leftist, sometimes a rightest, and sometimes something completely different, since Christianity does not fit seamlessly with any human political system.


Ranting about inequality is leftism. Political leftism.

Is there any way it can be directly linked to Christianity? Is there a book, chapter & verse to be cited that says we should all have the same amount of stuff?

Rick aka Mr. Brutally Honest


Great questions.

The Catholic Catechism, in my view, offers a comprehensive perspective on the notion of inequality. Too comprehensive frankly to excerpt neatly but if you go to the link below, I think you'll find, not necessarily what you're looking for but certainly justification for what isn't necessarily leftist ranting but what is clearly Christian.

In my view.

The whole thing should be read but you could scroll down to Section V and following for what I at least see to be clear relevance.

Thanks for stopping by man.


Good citation. And fruitful discussion. Think I can appreciate the perspectives of both you and Mr. Limbaugh now.

Tim Chesterton

Rick, that section on 'love for the poor' is a real beauty. Challenging, too, of course, but the Holy Spirit really spoke to me through it. Thanks for pointing it out.

Rick aka Mr. Brutally Honest


I'm with you... seems everytime I start digging through the catechism, I find more of those real beauties... glad you did here, and thanks again and always for your loyalty.

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