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Sunday, December 22, 2013


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Tim Chesterton

Wow. All I got to say!


Hoping that's a good Wow Tim!


Ken Berggren

I want to know more about this. How did it happen? Whose idea was it? How long did you stay "out there"? Where was it? Were you alone? In a group? Come on, man. I agree, "You da Man!" but tell us more. Inquiring minds want to know.


I'd be glad to expound a bit BroKen.

I was inspired by a story I had read of two Catholic seminarians in Chicago who'd done something similar only they were giving out Blessings. Later in the week, The Anchoress had, on her Facebook page, opined about setting up a sidewalk counseling booth, much like Lucy on Charlie Brown though perhaps with more compassion. So I brainstormed doing this.

I was out on this sidewalk, between a local Target store and Bed, Bath and Beyond, for a little less than an hour... doing this while the wife was shopping.

And I hope I didn't convey the thought that I really was believing the gentleman who thought I "was da man!"... far from that... was humbly attempting to get into the spirit of Christmas by giving something more than money to people, something I hoped might be meaningful, something that did turn out as such but for me.

Hope this helps.

Ken Berggren

Thanks, Rick. I was sincere. You Da Man! I may, if I can drum up the courage, do the same some day. Perhaps you will help spawn a movement like Pay It Forward. Stranger things have happened. Thank you for the example.

Tim Chesterton

Very good wow, Rick!

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