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Sunday, November 24, 2013


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Tim Chesterton

'The Abolition of Man' is one of Lewis' lesser-known books, but one of his most brilliantly-argued. Also 'The Great Divorce', based around the idea that the damned might occasionally get trips to heaven to see what they're missing; return to hell is optional. Sadly, most of them can't stand heaven and end up going back to 'the grey city'.

Ken Berggren

Peter Kreeft wrote "Between Heaven and Hell" which imagines a conversation between Lewis, Huxley and Kennedy on that fateful day after their deaths.

We are witnessing the abolition of man which Lewis describes in his book. Unless God does some miraculous work, it will continue until every human is treated like an animal... 'cause that is what we are after all, right?

Tim, The Great Divorce reminds me of a statement by Dallas Willard. He asks, "Who goes to heaven? Anyone who wants to. But the fires there may be hotter than those in the other place."

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