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Thursday, August 15, 2013


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tim The Godless Heathen

The entire raid took 40 minutes. He couldn’t bring himself to “watch this entire thing”? Young men, the best we have serving our country, risking their lives to capture or kill our country’s number one enemy and the Commander in Chief would rather play cards?

But he damn sure made time to get his picture taken in the situation room. And I’ve actually heard, and seen some compelling evidence to support it, that that famous picture was photoshopped. Makes sense now.

Then on top of all this, he, and the rest of the Liberal machine, used Bin Laden’s death as a campaign boost. Spiking the football, basically taking full credit for himself, at every chance he got including the night of the raid - grossly repeatedly using “ME” and “I” in his speech to the nation.

And remember he went to bed after hearing about the Benghazi incident.


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