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Thursday, July 04, 2013


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Yeah, I think I'm going to do this.

We turned our backs on politics because we saw the brutalization of.. well, the flock, it's in entirety: not just catholics, but of all "do right" peoples. We saw the dawn in '09.

I know a lot of Catholics are engaged, but that's not where I want to be. I'm not called to that.

On my birthday a few days ago, I thought of something I had not thought of in a long, long time.. something that hasn't been part of my Catholic DNA -- even though it IS completely a part of Catholic DNA -- hasn't been part of my thought process as a Catholic, preferences as a Catholic, "pride" as a Catholic, if there can be such a thing (we're humble, right?).

I thought about priests.

I thought about public perception, my own perception as a good Catholic, my children's perception, my parish's perception, what I've perceived from the Catholic blogosphere .. there's almost a "null" reference. Okay, non-reference to them.


How could we possibly take something so central -- our dependence on them to bring us the Eucharist -- so lightly? How could I?

Maybe I'm just speaking for myself, but I'm moved to start making a difference.

We talk of all else, but about the dignity of their

The secular state has it's politicians who usher in their secular god of governance .. and we have our priests who bring us Christ, our True and ever-lasting God every Sunday, everyday if we really wished.

And yet, we give these rotten, corrupt individuals more PR (any press is good press), and more thought than the souls whose dignity is higher than the angels.

Yes, they're men. I want them to be thought of well, that's all.

That's all I want, all I have a desire for, and maybe the rest will fall into place (greater mass attendance, increase in vocations). I can't think too big at this point.

I start by being *brutally honest* about my own biases, what I've grown up with, what I've avoided, and what's asked of me in my journey to holiness. Maybe that will answer why I'm not praying for my priests, like I know I should.

I'm asked to pray for the conversion of my country, my president, my enemy. Why not my priest?

Thank you for helping me be brutally honest with myself.

God bless you forever. +++ :)

Rick Rice

Veronica, your comments make blogging worthwhile.

Thank you.

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