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Friday, July 12, 2013


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Gordon W. Watts

With all due respect, my fellow Christian brothers and sisters:

Norfolk, VA, NAACP President, Tristan Breaux, is correct to hold Trayvon accountable for his guilt, but I (a far-right Conservative) go one step further: I hold ALL THREE parties responsible for Travon’s death: See my most recent Facebook ‘note’ for proof of that:

Huh?! All three? Yes, Zimmerman and Martin both had a right to be where they were -and “Stand their ground” — but a “third” party (the criminal or criminals, plural) who terrorized the neighborhood did NOT have a right to be there — and yet, their actions put Zimmerman in fear–and ultimately resulted in him following Trayvon — This frightened Trayvon Martin (and Zimmerman probably did not identify himself as a security officer) — Thus, while Zimmerman was not breaking the law, he was acting morally wrong –against God — A better person would have politely identified himself as a security officer — Martin was also wrong in over-reacting –and fighting Zimmerman — Zimmerman probably used excessive force — but, since he did not know that his life or health was not in danger, this over-reaction was small — The “main” guilty party was the 3rd one — the one no one has held accountable. (Again, see my note for a good discussion on this.)

Tristan spoke the truth, and if the NAACP opposes him, they (you!) oppose truth -and bring discredit and dishonour to their organisation. Truly off-centre and bizarre — Tristian did not say that Zimmerman was totally or 100% innocent — and neither am I — so, why all the fuss about a ‘truth teller” named Tristan Breaux? Don’t oppose truth -or in so doing, thou shalt oppose Jesus.

Gordon Wayne Watts
Lakeland (between Tampa and Orlando/Sanford)
Florida, U.S.A.

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