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Wednesday, June 05, 2013


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Veda Lavelle

It's rude to interrupt the First lady while she is speaking. It's ok to disagree, but keep your mouth shut while she's speaking.

Then the heckler has the nerve to be "taken aback", because the First lady got in her face! Who made the rule about NOT confronting a heckler?

It's a new day, GET OVER IT! ( All of you Obama haters know what I mean)

tim, The Godless Heathen

“All of you Obama haters know what I mean.”

No, Veda, please explain. What is this “new day” you speak of? And what are we to “get over”? Civility and class of our current First Lady? Done. Long ago. But we shall still point it out.

While you’re correct, and as this post explains, it is rude to interrupt while someone is speaking, the First Lady did not handle the situation as someone who holds that title should.

Maybe you feel comfortable with the First Lady, or anyone for that matter, getting in the face of a heckler. But that only exposes you, and the First Lady, for what you both are - classless and boorish.

And I highly doubt you have any idea of what I mean.

All hail the low information voter!

Veda Lavelle

Yes, TIM, I do know what you mean, and I'm positive you know EXACTLY what I meant by a new day...I repeat GET OVER IT...

You agree the heckler was rude, so the First Lady handled it the way she saw fit, and apparently the audience agreed.

Obviously I touched a nerve, because you've resorted to name calling,which IS classless and boorish.

tim, The Godless Heathen

No, Veda, again, what exactly do you mean? What exactly are we to “get over”? Why so afraid to tell us?

That our country is be lead by classless individuals who’s first instinct when confronted by someone who interrupts them is to “get in their face”? Wonderful. How lovely. What else to you and Michelle advocate? Sucker punches?

Where does it say the audience agreed with Michelle’s behavior?

Apparently you’re the one whose nerves are touched. The CAPS are a dead give away.

BTW, low information voter isn’t name calling, it’s a description. You’re comments lead credibility to it.

Becky Nelson

My advice to Ms. Obama: If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. It's your choice to be there.

Veda Lavelle

The President and the First Lady are taking the heat, quite a lot actually, and they're not going anywhere.

Veda Lavelle

Tim, classless and boorish was the name calling. No need for me to be afraid to tell you what you already know. I still touched a nerve. You still need to get over it. You know what it is. Be brutally honest with yourself. You don't fool me. Now I am done, no point in going back and forth with you. After all, you do call yourself Tim , the Godless Heathen. Bye.

tim, The Godless Heathen

Yeah, I‘m sure “Obam haters” was meant as a kind gesture?

The ole “struck a nerve” defense after you vehemently took exception to this post is beyond lame.

Upon further review, maybe you have a point. Maybe we should lower our standards and certainly our expectations with regards to the Obama’s. And evidentially to supporters like yourself. We shouldn’t expect too much.

You flatter yourself, I have no freakin’ clue what you babbling about.

Now run, Veda, run. What, I’m in your face too much?

Barry Sohtero's oversized pistol-grips


She's tryin to tell yo' honkey butt that the bruvva mans is in charge and you best step correct!

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