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Monday, February 04, 2013


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When this all comes to a head and there is blood in the streets, who will be surprised. Hell, I'm surprised that a dozen fathers haven't marched into their daughter's schools after learning the truth and tuning up (or worse) a principal or two already. Obviously, the state (and I include the schools in this) aren't terribly afraid of the people they serve, and they should be. Every single one of the principals and nurses who administered these drugs should be fired. I hope at a minimum a thousand lawsuits are launched. Young girls need to be defended from this evil, not to mention their children.


How is it that a school nurse cannot administer so much as an
aspirin to a child without parental consent, yet they can stuff a
kid full of contraceptives without a parent's OK? What happens
after some kids suffer serious side effects from those IUDs
and drugs? Moral questions aside, are the schools prepared to
face the liability from the inevitable lawsuits?

I suppose that ideology trumps common sense for the people
behind this development. Down the line, when (not if, but
when) there are injuries and lawsuits, I suppose those
responsible will have already moved on to greener bureaucratic
pastures, and their successors in the various school boards will
be the ones to clean up the mess. And, after all, what settlements
may be reached won't come out of those policymaker's pockets,
but are on the taxpayer's dime.

Isabel Forys

I pity the parents of those schools.

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