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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


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Absolutely not. Kudos to him for having stand up to this person and his/her ilk. I don't know much about Wyoming, and this Rep's letter sounds like someone from Texas. That's a compliment, by the way.


That was refreshing. While so many politicians today want to tickle the ears of their is good to know there are some left with integrity. Way to go!

Jay K

I think Mr. Hunt responded in a way that his constituents would have wanted. In fact, I'd say that his representation has a better chance of increasing the population of his district than the exodus that the Rev. Fulbright suggests.

chuck aka xtnyoda

That is similar to the way I've responded to a few questioning our new right to carry a concealed weapon in our churches in our our state, except here they can choose to just go to a different church.


I'm from Texas, a state in circumstances like those of Wyoming.
We get a lot of liberals moving here from their failing states, and
quite a few haven't learned their lesson by it. I'm glad to meet
my new neighbors, but I'm baffled by the ones like Rev. Fulbright.

Why cut and run from your failed state, only to try to replicate it
in your new home? Why would the failed policies and behaviors
of, say, California play out any better here if we were to adopt

Rep. Hunt was only speaking truth to pompous stupidity. I wrote
to him to express my thanks and wish him a long, influential
career in politics.

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