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Thursday, February 21, 2013


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Oh, my, are you going after the pagans now, Ken?

But which pagans are you referring to here?

the Ethnologists, Neo pagans, Polytheists, Heathens, Historical pagans, Classical antiquity pagans, Late antiquity pagans,

which ones specifically are you referring to?


No, I'm not "going after" pagans here. That comes in the next post! :)

Here I was trying to honor the memory of those ancient pagans while pointing to a modern trend. It is the modern trend that concerns me. My definition above ("A pagan is one who worships an experience like I describe above, or worships the object in that experience.") should indicate who I mean. If not, the next post might clarify.


Well I was hoping you werent lumping all pagan ideologies into one group.


I am using the term "pagan" to describe a prevalent human pattern of thought expressed historically by the groups you referenced and today by many who do call themselves pagan and many who would never do so. I would call them pagan if they fit the definition I give. So, yeah, I am lumping a bunch of stuff together. That is what words do.

Check out the latest post, Pagan is as pagan does.


I would still enjoy to see some pagans challenge your assertions.

Since they do have the freedom to do that without any harsher judgement than your own opinion.


From what I have known since my childhood the term 'pagan' has a latin origin for peasants,
or outsiders to the Christian faith, or non converts.

So it does mean in your context, an outsider.


"Since they (pagans) do have the freedom to do that (challenge my assertions) without any harsher judgement than your own opinion." I don't understand. I welcome challenges to assertions. What harsh judgement? What do you mean? I am confused.

Zoe, "pagan" means in the context of this post, " who worships an experience like I describe above, or worships the object in that experience."

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