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Thursday, January 03, 2013


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Mike Shockey

Nice to see a great athlete who is also capable of being humble and an incredible human being. He is the type of person that young people should be looking up to, for what he does both on the field and off the field. Thanks for sharing!

tim aka The Godless Heathen

Yeah, but is he “down for the cause”? Seems like a “cornball brother” to me.

Luck and the Colts - 11 & 5. Just sayin’…(Prediction, Colts will beat Ravens on Sunday. Not sure about Redskins, Seahawks are playing tough, pick goes to them.FYI, GB & Houston to win also.)


Wouldn't it be something if Luck and RGIII squared off in the Super Bowl?

Yea, I know... lots has to happen, but one can dream...


More RGIII jerseys have been sold than those of any other
player since the NFL started tracking sales six years ago.

Nutjob ESPN announcers aside, the American public clearly
likes what it sees in RGIII.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

“Wouldn't it be something if Luck and RGIII squared off in the Super Bowl?”

Won’t be this year but it’ll happen, mark it down.

BTW, they’ll square off in reg. season in 2014 in Indy, 2018 in Wash., 2022 in Indy...


This man is pure class! A football player I am happy to promote with my 13 year old son. Thank you, RGIII.


My son lived in the same apartment complex with RGIII at Baylor, and they were acquaintances. He felt like he was always classy and not too hung up on his status as a star athlete. It is nice to see a quality young man who is not only a great athlete, but a well-spoken and well educated representative for his team and the league. He will do well even when his football career is over.

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