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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


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chuck aka xtnyoda

Marriage is the most sacred of human institutions. God chose to use the marriage model for His entire plan of salvation, at least the biblical model.

The prospective groom leaves his father's house and goes to the house of his desired bride's father. Groom pays the bride price and the couple are betrothed, legally married yet not consummated. Groom then returns to his father's house and prepares their dwelling place. When prepared, the groom then goes with his attendants, at a time not announced publicly, and takes his bride away to their dwelling place and the marriage is consummated. After the consummation, then comes the wedding feast which is the first public participation is the wedding.

Jesus is the groom, He paid the bride price on Calvary and is now legally married/betrothed to His bride, the church. He has gone back to His Father's house to prepare He and His bride's dwelling place and when He gets ready He will return for His bride with his attendants. After the marriage is consummated, then will come the wedding feast of the Lamb, and thus we will forever be with the Lord.

This is why the world is trying so desperately to diminish and distort God's picture of marriage for it is actually the gospel in portrayal.

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