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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


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Tom Graffagnino



If it were done by The Onion then it would make sense. The guy's laugh is almost Satanic. This needs much wider distribution. Wow! is right.

chuck aka xtnyoda

I kept thinking that it must be a back handed slap at the abortion industry? They can't be serious can they? I mean, that is the most degrading thing toward women that I have ever seen in my life coming out of America.


I suspect that since things have been going so well for so long
for the pro-abortion crowd they feel it's alright to let the mask
slip a bit...

tim aka The Godless Heathen

We celebrate life’s milestones like birth/birthdays, graduations, marriage, job promotions, holidays, reunions, etc. Truly joyous occasions that mark life’s accomplishments and significance.

If they’re so great, why have I never heard about anyone celebrating an abortion?


If I could like each one of these comments, I'd do so.

Thanks folks.

The culture is decaying, this is yet more proof.


I heard about this. Just saw it. Amazing. Celebrate death! And do it with a sensual satanic metaphor.


Thanks for the link love, but I didn't create that graphic. I saw it a bazillion places on facebook, and in my haste to post forgot to do my usual "shamelessly pinched from" attribution. Don't know who did it originally.


Fixed it RC2... great find!

chuck aka xtnyoda

Hey Tim, I used your line at church yesterday. Thanks!


You might check out Alonzo Rachel's parody here:

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