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Sunday, January 06, 2013


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On the secular side, we need parents to take the same sort of interest in what and how their children are taught in public schools. This may require a return of home schoolers and private school students. However, what is taught in public schools today is essentially the same culture that we decry.


Tregonsee stole my thunder, and is absolutely correct. The popular wisdom of the day pays lip service to this lesson: "Teach your children well; It takes a village...; Ignorance more expensive than education; ad nauseum.

Teach what? Raise how? Education's purpose...?

Until our tax dollars are wrested away from the Bolsheviks who run the union monopolies called public schools, that parents may have educational choice for their children, nothing will change.

Garbage in; Garbage out. And when they are old, they wil not depart from it.

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