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Friday, December 21, 2012


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Excellent post! You have given me the idea to do the same thing.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

“I was naive and thought, “No one will come shopping on Thanksgiving. They will all be home with their families.” Well... the place was packed!”

Therein lies the blame. Without going into a whole “chicken or the egg” debate, if people don’t go, if they spent the holiday with their families and friends…same, same with Thanksgiving.

Granted McDonald’s, and the rest, shouldn’t be open, agreed. But just like the current hyperventilating and incorrect bloviating about what is to blame for society’s ills, let’s not do the same, lazy easy route of least resistance. This country is screwed up because of people and the decisions THEY make. Time for excuses is over.

Don't go to Mickey D's on Christmas, you'll just be one more customer that worker,who you don't want to be working that day anyways, has to serve.

Sorry, BroKen, rant over.

You and everyone here at BH, please accept the best Christmas wishes a heathen can offer.


I think McDonald's oughtn't to force people to work on Christmas or other holidays, but if enough people *want* to work on those days, fine. There are people who don't observe Christian holidays, after all. Who would go to McDonald's on these holidays? Besides those who don't observe those days, there are also people such as I who haven't any families, and who would find it dreary to be alone again.


I have worked for people in the past just so they could be off with their families on that day, as I don't have one of my own.

I think that especially with these times, people should spend more time with their loved ones. Life ends in the blink of an eye.

But I agree with Philippa, people should have options to not work on that day.


And P.S.

Happy holidays to all of you from the mystery loving atheist...:)

Try to enjoy your family as much as possible, Ken..


Good to see you here, Fran. Don't be a stranger.
Thanks for the comments and well-wishes.


Just to be contrary...

Some of us HAVE to work tomorrow so that the rest of you can have lights and heat, and can power up your new toys; it'll sure be nice to be able to get a greasy breakfast sandwich and mediocre cup of coffe on my way to work...


I honor and thank you for your work, Shifty. Of course their are some people who have to work, holiday or not. Police, nurses, EMTs, soldiers, and utility workers, too, all have to work. Even I have been called on Christmas Day to deal with a tragedy in the church.

I'll take the opportunity here, which perhaps I should have taken in the original post, to thank all those who work essential jobs on Christmas day. But I think you agree that the sandwich and coffee are not worth what they cost... in dollars and cents and, much more importantly, to the the culture of the holiday.

Merry Christmas to you, Shifty. Keep up the good work, but make the sandwich and coffee at home before you leave!


Ken...Ken...why do you hate me so?!?!

I already have to get up at an unholy hour (0330) to make the hour you want me to risk setting the house ablaze or giving myself food poisoning to boot! LOL!

I hear ya....I was actually dismayed when I stopped at Dunkin Donuts on the way in this morning ...because I'm a GREAT boss, that's why!....and saw that they were planning on being open 24/7 throughout the holidays.

And Merry Christmas to you and yours Ken....and to everyone else!

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