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Thursday, December 13, 2012


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tim aka The Godless Heathen

I became a Robert Griffin III fan (And I’m a life long Colts fan, therefore a Andrew Luck fan) last year during the Heisman lead up, after hearing him speak so eloquently about his family, coaches and teammates.

Then what sealed the deal for me was after he won the trophy he decided to go down to Ground Zero, not to go celebrate and party at some night club, but instead he went to that hollow place. And brought the other nominees with him! The kid obviously gets it, understands things are bigger than himself.

As far as this goes, I hope Robert (I hate RG3) doesn’t dignify this crap with a response, other to say “That unfortunate he feels that way…”

And Robert, if this foreskin Parker and the rest like him don’t think you’re a “Brother” I’d be happy if we could be Brothers.

ESPN, Especially Stupid People Not talking about anything significant.

(Now Robert is going to have to learn to not take so much punishment during the games if he wants to have a long and successful career.)

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