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Friday, December 28, 2012


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Understand this is NOT a musical. It's a modern opera or a sung through musical. There is no spoken word. Only singing. Completely and entirely throughout. That is, if it is true to the original stage production.

Tim Chesterton

I've never read the original book but I'm reliably informed by my son that it's superb.


I never saw the stage play so I can't speak to it, but I have read the novel. It's a complex, sprawling, rich treatise on repentence, forgiveness, and love both human and divine. There's no way eanyon could use it as source material and not come up with a movie that extolls those virtues.

Having seen the movie a few days ago, I can say that you likely ll it, both for the thematic elements, and for how amazingly well crafted it is. Everything, from the sets to the costumes to the acting, is superb. And after the first few minutes, the fact that virtually the entire movie is sung rather than spoken seems natural. It's that good.


Sorry for the typos above ("anyone," not "eanyon" and "likely will enjoy it" not "likely ll it")...I need a new keyboard badly.

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