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Thursday, December 13, 2012


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Let's see....according to this has-been musician (who, by the by, sounds as if he has a nasty case of tonsil herpes) "millions" of people voted FOR the policies and vision of Obama, thus creating a "mandate", which should not be ignored. We should jail those who oppose for "violating the will of the American people". BUT....the millions of Americans who voted AGAINST the policies and vision of Obama are .... not Americans? So, by this definition, Bush had a "mandate" and ol' Harry B should be rotting in jail. And we should care what Harry Belafonte thinks why?

And who the bloody hell let Tawana Brawley's advocate on the television? Idiots!

Mark Anderson

Harry is wrong, Republicans are simply irrelevant. There is no reason to worried about them, they are losers. I work every day to make sure that they are and it's working fine. Sure they held the house, but they actually lost the vote for the house by over a million votes. Their time is up and it's going to come fast.

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