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Thursday, December 20, 2012


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How ya doing Ric?

There has really been only one problem in the "black community" in the last few generations: illegitimacy. All the other maladies are mere symptoms of that.

I knew that RGIII's parents were probably married before it was stated in fact; his very name is an indication. That he seems to exhibit none of the character flaws common to many young black persons is another.


I'm good Juliette, how are you doing? Thanks for stopping by, I'm honored.

And I think you've nailed it but my saying so would likely prove to many that I'm a racist.


tim aka The Godless Heathen

We should have Joe Biden look into this.

Imagine if the old time segregationist, having lost the legal battle, decided to come up with a plan which would keep blacks "in their place." They could not have done better than the current "black culture." The ultimate irony is that they are doing it to themselves. Somewhere in Hell, Bull Connor is laughing.


I may not be able to comment on this in terms of race or color.

However, as a member of a minority I do see the parallels that people of other minority groups can (and do)at times see themselves reflected in any negative light that others see them initially in and feel that perpetuating misrepresentations are somehow akin to 'owning' these misrepresentations as opposed to proving them wrong by doing the exact opposite.

One analogy I heard many times in the past was the 'crabs in a barrel' deal and this 'cornball' label would be an appropriate example of that type of thinking.

I see far too many women doing this (in every color and organization) as well and sadly it seems to go unattended, rather than addressed.


baldilocks, I agree. In, the 40's and 50's, the rate of illegitimacy
among black families was less than the rate among whites. In
1944 it was 11% for blacks. Now, the rate of illegitimate births
among blacks is about 70%.

The policies of our government have created a society that is a
hostile environment for African-American families. I don't see it
getting better anytime soon.

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