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Thursday, December 13, 2012


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tim aka The Godless Heathen

I’ve read about this case before and it would appear that Sgt. Peralta does indeed deserve the MOH. However, ever since 9/11 and the resulting two wars there have been instances where the MOH should have been awarded and wasn’t as well as MOH being awarded that maybe shouldn’t have. It’s unfortunate either way.

I think it would be better to honor Sgt. Rafael Peralta as the hero he obviously is by not taking issue as to why he didn’t receive the MOH but rather honoring his memory for what he did.

I hope his family reconsiders receiving on their son’s behalf the Navy Cross. An honor that is certainly something to be extremely proud of and not something to be looked at as a easily dismissed consolation prize.

Sgt. Peralta, like all who serve, didn’t enlist for medals or personal recognition, he did so because he understood that there are things that are more important than himself.

So, Sgt. Peralta, I for one will remember your name and what you did, MOH or not.Semper Fidelis Sgt. Peralta and to those that have given all.


Thank you for those sentiments Tim.

The thing that really bothers me about this is that there are many many people that have received the MOH, who did far less than Sgt. Peralta. There are also a number of MOH awards that have been presented for the exact same conduct that Sgt. Peralta demonstrated that day.

The bottom line, the MOH has always been given based upon the testimony of eyewitness accounts and anyone familiar with eyewitness testimony knows and recognizes that witnesses observe the exact same event and yet they see different things. Could those individual observations possibly be further clouded in the midst of combat ? I tend to believe so.

A conflict in perception does not mean that the individual witnesses are lying or that they are in error of what they saw, what it means is that individual perception is just that, it is individual perception.

One person sees you use your left hand, the next person sees you use your right hand. The bottom line, there was obviously more than one witness to Sgt. Peralta actions that day and as such, they obviously reported that they saw him scoop a grenade and cover it with his body to prevent his comrades from being injured or killed. Does it really matter which hand he used? Or whether all agree that it was one hand over the other?

How in hell these Monday morning bureaucrats can have the temerity to challenge these eyewitness reports and deny this deserved honor to Sgt. Peralta is beyond me.

Actually, it isn't beyond me. These people, (Panetta and Gates) have absolutely no clue what is involved in protecting this nation or the sacrifices involved by our personnel who are called upon to do the job and stand in the breech of harms way.

This isn't Monday night football. There are no instant replays and there should be simple justice involved for Sgt. Peralta. Nothing more, nothing less.

I agree, the Navy Cross is not something to be scoffed at, but I can understand this Marine's mother's sentiments. Her son has been denied that which he rightfully earned with the sacrifice of his life. To do anything less is a dishonor to Sgt. Peralta's memory and his sacrifice for this nation.

Perhaps some day in the future when we once again have an administration that cares about this country and its military, Sgt. Peralta's MOH will be given to his family in his honor and the memory of his sacrifice.

Semper Fi.......

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