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Wednesday, November 07, 2012


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I am sorry, but I have absolutely no use for either Dick Morris or Bill O'Rielly. Morris was calling for a certain Romney win and a potential landslide for Romney not a week ago. WTF?

As long as conservative patriotic Americans sit on their backsides and wait for some super hero to appear to save them, nothing changes. America lost this election to unions and socialism personified. We lost this election to a GOP party belief that "it is this guy's turn."

We lost this election because the average politico and the average conservative American are more afraid of offending some protected class of moron and deviant, than they are of enduring the pain of socialism. They have no stomach for standing up for their rights and defending their country, they want someone else to do that for them.

Welcome to the real world people. The so called Tea party didn't save you and the cookie cutter candidate (Massachusetts moderate) foisted on us by the party elite in the GOP got his ass handed to him about 11:15 last night.

It is not going to get any better people, only worse. The forces that are celebrating their victory this morning will be coming after every level and aspect of American success that they haven't already been able to damage and destroy in the last four years, so get ready for it.

The price of gas that mysteriously dropped by 50 cents a gallon over the last month? Watch what happens now. Watch what happens now that the leftist minions and the cowed independents have re-elected the instrument of their doom and ours.

I went to bed sick last night and remained sick all night. I am sick today and I will remain sick as I try and resolve in my mind how so many Americans could be so f-ing stupid!

tim aka The Godless Heathen


Hang on a second. I’m not asking you to like Morris or O’Reilly. I simply think they have something that needs to be heard, something that is true about what America is today.

Romney didn’t lose because of who he isn’t, but rather what America has become. (Watch the Morris video again.)

We lost this election to Americans who are not that unlike you and me, that’s the scary part. Americans who go to work everyday and still voted for Obama to take from them and give to scumbags who don’t deserve it. I know plenty of these people, and I will never figure them out.

We didn’t get Romney from the GOP establishment or the Tea Party but rather from us, at least those of who voted in the primaries. The after mentioned merely, and rightfully so, got behind Romney. Which as it should be. Should they have not?

We’re all sick, Lo. But let’s not play the blame game. Romney was a good candidate, and ran a great race. No he didn’t win. But if he had I’m thinking you would’ve been OK with that just like me and all the rest.

Like what Malkin said and which I posted -

“Please, do not be bitter. Do not fall prey to the Beltway blame game. Do not get mired in small things. Do not become vengeful creatures like our political opponents who voted out of spite instead of love of country.”

Let’s continue the good fight, my brother.


There is a large remnant of the best of Old America: a place where people took pride in self-sufficiency, voluntarily helping others, and respecting our laws. It does not appear to be enough to win elections except locally. In order to appeal to the new majority, if we follow Morris' prescription, we need to become a Euro-socialist state with growing identity politics. We also will need to tell Latinos that it is perfectly fine for them to break our laws and flout our customs. (My mother was a naturalized, legal immigrant, so I am a bit touchy on that point.) Sorry, but not buying it. Becoming THIS majority is to admit failure, and the end of our experiment.

tim aka The Godless Heathen


On that point, I agree, Morris, and those that think like that (heard that before this election) are dead wrong.

We still need to hold our values and principles high. I firmly believe that some of those (is it enough) on the other side (see Blacks regarding gay marriage), Hispanics (very religious & family oriented) will eventually get it. A large percentage of them vote D for many reasons other than their actually political beliefs.

The ones I’m totally confused about are guys like my business office landlord. Everything about him screams Republican - small biz owner, educated, married w/kids, Catholic…the whole freakin’ nine yards, and yet…votes Democrat. Truly maddening.

And I spoke to plenty of folks who gave the ole, “Yeah, Obama sucks but Romney sucks to”. But when asked to explain they couldn’t. And when confronted with Mitt successes, they spiraled deeper into the mumbling “must.change.subject” mode quickly.

Those a-hole's votes count just as much as ours.


Tim, no need to worry about your asking me to like Morris or O'Reilly, that was not my point. My point is that both of them are no more than hired guns, paid pundits for supposed republican and/or conservative values. When in reality? They are nothing more than highly paid scrappy dogs. They get everyone all lathered up, then they come in and begin hustling their books.

There isn't a dime's worth of difference between any of them, including Malkin and Igraham and the list goes on. I got over Limbaugh and our local mouth pieces on radio a long time ago. Sure, they say things that a lot of other people are thinking and feeling, but they fall right in lock step with the mainstream once the sides and the horses have been chosen by the MSM.

I don't know about you? but I knew Romney was the GOP go to guy four years ago, right after McCain lost. Just as I knew McCain would get his shot having lost to Bush in the primaries in 2000.

The GOP guy in 2016? Marco Rubio. Plain and simple. The party believes they have to do something about the Hispanic vote, so they will latch on to Rubio regardless of who else might be more viable or a better candidate. And the real funny part about that? Rubio is Cuban and as such, he and most all Cubans do not consider themselves Hispanic. Hispanic is a moniker for Mexicans and Latin America, Cubans don't share the same interests or heritage. None the less, you watch what happens in 2016, the GOP will pump Rubio and so will the mainstream media and regardless of who else runs, Rubio will get the nod from the GOP, because just like the democrat zombies, the republican zombies will vote for who they are told to vote for by the main stream media in the primaries.

The real curiosity of 2016 (provided we make it to 2016) is who will the democrats put up. My money is on Hillary.

Meanwhile, I believe that as of Obama's re-election? The Israeli's will now go after Iran and they will do it before Obama's inauguration. They now realize for a fact that America has abandoned them and we are now on the cusp of another world war, this one begins in the middle east and soon is my guess.

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