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Thursday, November 08, 2012


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I have always believed, that come a time when the USA, starts to look at some Muslim counties in the Mid-East as being after the same objective as themselves, then those who live in Israel have nothing to lose in making sure their furore Kin realized they had to fight and if necessary die but would never surrender. Least we forget the times when Israel has had to defend herself against the Bedouin tribes and in doing so make some of the Mid –East safe.
Now and I feel sure history will recognize why the Israel if they go to war, had too.


Israel has been our ally . I think it is awful that our President treats them like he does. But what could I expect when he leaves our Patriots to die in Benghazi. So shameful for America. How very disgraceful it all is.


Isreal is fighting for its existence and I believe they are capable of doing so against its middle eastern enemies. What I fear, however, is that the muslim sympathizer in the WH will go rogue and block their efforts militarily. Will our generals obey?

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