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Monday, November 12, 2012


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Other than a generalized feeling that the election was manipulated, there is no way to prove it and there is even less interest in proving it by those who could prove it.

This election now joins the ranks of Obama's college transcripts, his birth certificate and his years spent as a college dope head. No one who can or might effectively take exception to what has occurred gives a rat's rump about the realities of deceptive practices and the fraud being reported from Pennsylvania to Ohio to Florida in the aftermath of this election.

Resistance? There is no resistance. On this plain? The Borg literally walk about freely assimilating at will and the media remain their favored tools.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

"The usurpers...are now the "establishment" even though they are really in the minority."

Monority? Based on what?

The election says otherwise.


Sore losers...


"The election says otherwise."

How innocent.

No, he won the vote count, not the election.

Feel free to switch from acceptance to observation of the obvious.


I'm usually with you guys, but here, I think I have to part ways.

Was the election result fraudulent? Oh, hell yes. Everybody knows that. A Democrat? From Chicago? Please.

But was the margin of fraud sufficient to put Obama over the top?

Mmmm, no, I don't think so. You're going to need to show that Obama managed to fabricate...what, about 4 million votes?

I think even the execrable Mainstream Media would get curious if that could be plausibly shown.

Or perhaps you're limiting this not to the popular vote, but only to certain critical states? Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Iowa, Nevada and Colorado?

You'll need to show how many votes Romney lost each of those states by, and what the lowest swing of votes would have been that could have put that state in the Romney column. Then find the three or four state combination with the lowest vote swing whose electoral college size would have been sufficient to get Romney over 270.

I don't know what the outcome of that analysis would be, but I'm betting it would still have required more than a million votes.

And, sorry, but: If you're asserting that the Democratic party has managed THAT MUCH vote fraud, then you'd better back it up with some small arms fire.

Because if the election is that badly stolen, then the whole elections-as-a-non-lethal-way-to-have-a-revolution way of running things is over, and it's time to return to the former, more lethal, practice.

I don't think you want that. I certainly don't.


Both parties have flaws, yes..

But Americans have proven this time around to be tired of right wing demagoguery..

The Right needs to stop fighting a culture war they cannot ever win..


I think this nonsense lowers the discourse to a cartoonish level of paranoia.

You're better than this, Rick.



This was posted by a guest blogger... and I give my guest bloggers lots of leeway...

There are lots of reports out there of voter fraud so a story like this one seems relevant and pertinent...


I know you didn't write it but it's still your name on the masthead. Just my two cents.
It's sad that no one will ever admit they just lost anymore. It was a close election in half a dozen states, more people chose Obama. Deal with it, folks. He is the legitimate President for the next 4 years. Maybe he just had a better team?
Here's one reason:
I was reading about Obama's campaign taking what Rove did for Bush in '04 to a whole new level, that had the potential to turn the tide more than millions of cases of voter fraud, don't you think?
Let's elevate the debate to be about policy instead of attacking everyone's motives and attributing evil to anyone who disagrees with us. Again, just my two (Canadian) cents.


In the end, there'll be numerous reasons to rely upon as to why Obama was re-elected. But it's way too early to throw the fraud angle out... fraud in key swing states could indeed throw an election, and there appears to be credible reports of just that having taken place...

Time will tell if this is beneath me... but I gotta tell ya feller... I'm lower than a glow worm's belly on a subway track... so this would have to be way beneath me to actually be problematic...


The main point, for those who may have missed it, was less about the fraud, which certainly did occur, and more about the actual resulting state of things, to wit, that those who value the Constitution, those who value fiscal conservatism, those who still believe in the foundations of our nation, did not suddenly and magically become a minority.

We've known for ages that Big Media represents neither us nor, for that matter, the actual truth. Therefore, it is entirely reasonable to expect them to characterize this "outcome" as an "overwhelming mandate" (which it was not).

This is simply a continuation of the Big Lie that Constitutional conservatism is dead.

It's not.

It's only over if we give up, roll over, and play dead.

The point is to recognize that, regardless of the illusion that we are "no longer relevant," we are, in fact, still the primary pillar of our society.

Expect the pro-socialists to scorn us, mock us, dismiss us, and even persecute us.

And in the face of this, carry on anyway.


Pro might try to figure out what the definition of Socialism is.

Most successful modern nations are a healthy mix of socialism and capitalism.


Totally agree...I feel it in my gut and pray good men are among us who will expose the corruption.


Romans 13:1-2: "Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves."

I'm surprised none of those folks who are belly aching about Obama's re-election are cracking open their bibles..tsk, tsk.


Still looking for that passage that says, "Go thou therefore and summon the ballot forgers, that thou mayest counterfeit votes and confound the tally thereof, that thou mayest reign yet another forty and eight months over the blasphemers in their misguided allegiance to the Constitution and its tenets."

Can't seem to find it anywhere.

Smug non sequiturs about God and government when a usurper subverts the process to create a fundamentally godless administration serve only to encourage fatalism and apathy.

A man who votes to kill babies following a failed abortion ... engineers a subterfuge to steal an election ... that's "what God has instituted?"


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