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Tuesday, November 06, 2012


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tim aka The Godless Heathen

Mark this down as “whatever it’s worth” but at my polling place this morning it was visibly more active. Now, I live in a blue state but that’s only because of NYC so…we’ll see.

Get everyone out. Call and make sure.

BTW, even though I’m not a big advocate of yet more laws, I do think we need to do something about the exit polls…networks calling states/elections, etc. before it’s completely over. We’ve got laws against…everything but we can’t seem to give the most important day of our republic a fair shake. That isn’t right.


Tim, there are laws against voter intimidation too, but that didn't stop them or the Black Panthers four years ago, nor will it stop them today. Nor will it stop the mainstream media from trying to influence the outcome in any way they can. What was done about the panthers and their proven threats and intimidation against voters by Holder's justice department? Not a damn thing. What has been done or will be done concerning the US military serving this nation and being denied their right to vote because they don't support the interloper in chief? Nada! Nothing.

The bottom line, American mainstream media is corrupt and complicit in their efforts to see America turned into a third world socialist state and they love Obama as their savior. The American media (formerly recognized as the press) were given the express right and duty under our constitution to protect the rights of the people.

They long ago abdicated their responsibilities and opted to become partisan hacks for socialism and tyranny of the people through socialism.

If this country is to survive, our political system will be forced to endure a protracted trial by fire and so should American media. They are the ones most responsible for it. The entire system of journalism and bureaucratic governance by special interest and bought politicians must be taken down and rebuilt.

Until it is, we are enduring nothing but a death by 1000 cuts as each successive election takes us closer and closer to social collapse and the oblivion of chaos and misery in the aftermath.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

Agreed...with a much heavy sigh.

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