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Monday, November 05, 2012


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New York? I say: "Forgedaboutdit!

I mean really. Between the unions and the mob bosses? They'll figure it out all by their selves.


It's "fuggedaboutit," Locutis, but yeah, point well made.

Spurwing Plover

A total boycott of NEW YORK CITY would be a big help to show this arrogant jerk what the avrage americcan citizen can do

Spurwing Plover

What a arrogant old snot Bloomburg is not only dose this idiot want to regulate the size of a your soda but he wants to ban all guns and deverts vital food for the needy to his silly marathon runners He deserves to be banned from america for the rest of his life and ban them from burrying this this arrogant old rooster on american soil

Spurwing Plover

This bloomburg idiot wasted no time to blame guns for that horrible SANDY HOOK incedeent he want to regulate the size of your softdrink cups and tends to think were living in a monarcy and he is some futal ages king Typical of some wealthy eletists He needs a swift kick in his rear end and be reminded were still living in REPUBLIC

Spurwing Plover

Mayor Bloomburg wants all privatly owned guns banned and he lies and fabricates to takes food out of the mouths of the Hurricane Sandy victims and he wants to monitor the size of softdrink cups He realy deserves to boot clean out of america

Spurwing Plover

Bloomjerk had a big time interview with SLIME magazine blabbering about guns not at all surprised becuase SLIME is a libeeral leftists news rag

Spurwing Plover

Bloomberg seems to think were living in a MONARCY and he is some rich and privlaged nobleman Frankly Bloomberg needs to be banned froom america along with every memeber of the leftists MAYORS AGAINST ILLEGAL GUNS as well as GEORGE SOROS and his various lefists supporters

Spurwing Plover

Bloomberg a arrogant pompious old peacock strutting around and acting so arogant what he needs is a good thrurough plucking by some birds getting fed up with his behavior

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