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Thursday, October 04, 2012


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A Facebook User

Moochelle is not a very happy camper. If looks could kill, she would be doing hard time for assassinating a President. I'll bet that Barry spent last night on the sofa.


The woman never looks happy in my opinion. The few times you have seen a smile, the image that came across to me was 'forced.'

Her attitudes bleed through everything she does. When I am not seeing anger and displeasure in her face, I am seeing contempt for others.

This woman is the living effigy of Marie Antoinette in y personal opinion. The way she looks, the way she acts and the way she reacts, all smack of contempt for this nation and all but those in her own inner circle.

I'll be glad when she has left for good.

tim aka The Godless Heathen


“I told you 6 years ago you weren’t ready to be president.”

“You intentionally picked our anniversary to have this debate and you perform like THAT!?!?

“Well, there goes my 26 assistants, the fantastic vacations and my plan to have every school kid in America be anorexic.”


Caption winner: Tim, “Well, there goes my 26 assistants, the fantastic vacations and my plan to have every school kid in America be anorexic.

And now my own face hurts from laughing.


"Mommy..that nasty white man was mean to me..." BO

"Good Lord....I actually SLEEP WITH this douche-bag??" MO

"Heh" MR


Caption: "Does this ass make my butt look big?"

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