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Friday, October 05, 2012


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tim aka The Godless Heathen

I’m going go full bore brutally honest and say that letter was not written by Brittany.

The shamelessness isn’t limited to the fact pointed out in the post, it’s also the fact that Romney wasn’t referring to people like Brittany but rather to slugs like the Obama phone lady.


I'll second "The Godless Heathen's" comment in that Heather did NOT write that letter; further, I would ask (and I know that I'll be called names for this) does Heather vote?

I'm sure that she is a very sweet girl, means well, etc. But, how can she know who to vote for other than by what others tell her - "Vote for the Democrat or you will loose your job, loose you pay", etc. Seriously, she cannot even handle her own medicine - should she be voting?

Years ago, before she died, my grandmother started her downhill slide; but, still wanted to vote; so, my mother asked for and got her an absentee ballot. Nana filled it out and my mother would post it. This worked well for a few years.

But, Nana started asking my mother to fill it out for her, and not because she couldn't write any more, she just didn't know who to vote for.

Yep, her mind was now going as she would often confuse the mayor of our town with the president. Well, mother still asked for the absentee ballot only she stopped mailing them back. Was this wrong? Or should mother have filled out the ballot and, in one sense, voted twice!


Lets be brutally honest here and say that yes, politics are a big scam all around.

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