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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


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Best of luck to her!

I so admire the pluck of some of these folks who are willing to try their best to unseat the deeply entrenced politicians.

We have one wonderful woman in our district (6th of NJ) by the name of Anna Little who is trying to take on Frank Pallone (one of the Obamacare sponsors) who has been in congress since 1988. It certainly seems like a tremendously uphill battle.

Man, I would love for Frank Pallone, Dianne Feinstein, and so many others to retire. Let's hope this is the year for it!


There are so many that we watch from afar and wonder about. Personally, I have often wondered how anyone with a modicum of intelligence could vote for a long list of democrats that currently occupy congress.

I remember when Feinstein was mayor of San Francisco. Back with I used to think that the city by the bay was just marginally screwed up. What a difference a couple of decades make.

The bottom line, as long as the bottom feeders who are enriched by these leftist are allowed to vote for them then the problem is a never ending problem.

At least until the collapse and the next revolution and that is coming.


At 79, isn’t it about time somebody put Feinstein out to pasture?

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