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Friday, October 12, 2012


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tim aka The Godless Heathen

Thank you, Joe. Sincerely. You just put the nail in the coffin. Man.

Let’s see if you’re laughing come election night.


Rick, I'm sorry your sensibilities were offended by Biden's boorishness. I must admit that is a somewhat surprising take coming from a guy who runs this blog but I hope you managed to adjust your bra and get on with your day nonetheless.



I cinched the bra up tighter, pulled my big girl panties up higher, and made it through the rest of the night…

I can tell you that I admire Paul Ryan all the more however… had I been on that stage, Biden might’ve got a punch in his throat…


The arrogance of Obama has taken residence inside Joe Biden. Biden helped to make Ryan appear even more sensible, more serious, and more INTELLIGENT.

"Undecideds" who remain undecided are simply not listening and either have no common sense or are electeing not to use it.

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