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Sunday, September 02, 2012


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Not surprised at all. Every single thing Obama has done as president is about himself. How can anyone expect an ounce of empathy from a man who has done nothing throughout his entire adult life but feed his own narcissism?

Morgan K Freeberg

And there's another thing to this: Bill Clinton is just plain wrong, and so is everyone who's stated a similar concern. The downside would NOT have been horrible for Obama. It would have made Him into another Jimmy Carter, and last I checked, Jimmy Carter's credentials among the party faithful are just fine.

This is just more of the same stuff we've been seeing: Nobody in the country is really risking anything, or losing anything, or showing any courage in the face of adversity. It's all our wise benevolent superiors in government, specifically in the administration, who are doing all the hard work, and thinking things through, and risking something, showing gritty determination in the face of long odds...the rest of us are just kind of milling about, waiting for our unemployment benefits to be extended or something.

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