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Friday, September 14, 2012


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The bottom line, regardless of what Carney (the mouthpiece of the administration) says and regardless of how he attempts to equivocate and dance on the head of a pin, the reality speaks for itself.

The attack on the embassy was by hundreds of well armed attackers, armed with small arms, RPG's and mortars. That doesn't sound like protestors to me, that sounds and looks like militant militia or terrorist factions and a concerted and planned attack period.

Combined with the fact that the administration knows and has admitted that Libyan military forces told the attackers which building the ambassador was hiding in.

It is also not lost on millions watching this, that the attack occurred on September 11th and the video be damned. The video is as Michell Malkin rightly attributed, is nothing more than the latest cause celeb of Muslim outrage.

I for one am sick and tired of Muslim outrage and I for one am sick of Muslim offense and all the bowing and scraping to Islam and their poor pitiful feelings of offending the prophet.

I for one say that it is time to start dealing with these people in the only fashion that they understand. Light em up! And maybe, just maybe come the first of the year, we will have someone in the white house who will act like an American and act like a commander in chief.

Then again....either way....probably not.


I honestly think that Carney has one of the most difficult jobs in the world, and this situation highlights it. His job is, day after day, to stand up to the White House Press Corps and answer their questions regarding anything they can throw at him while defending the administration he works for. He cannot speculate or interject his own opinions; he simply has to defend what has been done and said, things completely out of his control. In situations like this, when a reporter like Tapper actually does their job, defending the administration's stance over and over again has to become increasingly difficult because, as the two sides banter, the logic in what Carney has to profess falls apart. Kudos to Carney for doing his job well, it's just unfortunate that the current administration (Obama policies and Biden blunders) makes it as hard as it currently is. I wouldn't be able to do it.

Judith Derington-McConnell

Jake Tapper, after reading the verbatim exchange between you and Press Secretary Carney, you can be considered rude at best and disrepecting of the privilege of your surroundings in the worst case. The United States of America has just been attacked by terrorists and you sound like one of them! We could use some patriots, not more antagonists!


In reading this exchange I realized just how long it'd been since
I'd witnessed a journalist actually being a journalist and calling
this administration out. All too often we see so-called press just
uncritically accepting the spin and obfuscation of the left. Kudos
to Mr. Tapper!

@ Ms. Derington-McConnell: surely you jest. We most emphatically
do not need more yes-men and lapdogs in the media.

Daniel Barber

Jake Tapper is nothing but a LYING POS mouthpiece for the Right-Wing. Anyone claiming he's honest is either a liar themselves or simply ignorant of reality.

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