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Monday, August 13, 2012


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And they criticized Palin for running for office when she had children to care for, didn't they? Eff em


...well educated women who do nothing with themselves but give birth to a pack of kids

Well I suppose this accurately describes me from the ages of 24 through 48. It--and the other whiny rants--makes me want to bitchslap its writer into next month.

Just another repressed woman here, sick and tired of the self-righteous feminism that's done nothing but tear apart the fabric of society.


Pay attention class.. do you see anything in the comments from these supposedly enlightened progressive leftist that supports America, motherhood, traditional values or for that mater (and hold on to your hats for this one) "a woman's right to choose?"

Oh! Damn! I guess that right to choose for women only exists when it concerns a woman's right to choose her career. Or when it involves choosing death for an unborn child that one of these enlightened women inadvertently create via their promiscuous uber egalitarian lifestyle.

Trying to get along with people who think like these or ever hoping to coexist with them is like choosing to coexist with cancer.

Kris, in New England

Um - wow. And these comments from...women.

I watched a fascinating show last night about women during WWII who became, quite literally, the world's first computers. They were the ones responsible for determing thru complex mathematics that they did - by hand - the trajectories, ballistics and other related needs for the bombers to use in the European Theater at that time. They all worked hard for their country and when the war was over - they married their fiances, had children, raised beautiful families and contributed to the world.

I wonder what these women commenters would have to say about that. They betray their sex each time they open their mouths. Women have had an uphill battle for generations to be able to make whatever choices we want to make - even if that choice is raising a family fulltime.


Every time I read this garbage from women, of all people, I can't help but wonder just where they think our good citizens come from! We had five sons and I thank God every day for these beautiful young men who have gone on with productive lives and who, in turn, have children who are being raised with two parents in a loving home. We have a doctor, a lawyer, a physician's assistant, etc. - don't anyone dare tell me I wasted my time! Gotta go, my dander is choking me!!&id=1374564


I can't help but wonder just where they think our good citizens come from!

Patricia, they think THEY are the "good citizens" and the rest of us are worthless. Their vision for society is total self-fulfillment; nothing else but indulging your own desires matters. That so many women continue to prefer being wives and mothers first and foremost baffles and angers them. Such wives and mothers are a constant reminder of the selfish futility that is the rabid feminist life.

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