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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


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May I humbly remind Cardinal Dolan,
as he preens and pontificates under the spotlights
of the political conventions:
there is really room for only ONE superstar in his religion.
And as the Cardinal addresses and blesses the Republicans and their billionaire buddies,
as he smiles upon those who would destroy Social Security and voucher Medicare to death,
and as he joins with those who readily admit they they “don’t care about the very poor”......
it would be good, it would be very good ...for the good Cardinal
to remember -and take to heart- the words of his boss,
who once said “What you do for the least of these you do for me”.
Unless perhaps, the Cardinal is working for someone else these days?
Not only do Politics and Religion not mix:
they bring out the worst in each other.
And they destroy each other.



Your point "What you do for the least....", in my opionion, is meant to refer to an individual and his/her soul. This should not give politicians a moral right to tax and spend for the good of their souls.
If you take away my ability to decide how I will go about helping the least of us, are you saving my soul for me?
If supporting government run social programs was a Catholic/Christian virtue, why are there so many Atheists on the left?
Lastly, remember 'Thou shall not steal', once the government taxes and spends beyond it's authority, then you can start arguing that it's theft, and therefore sinful and should not be supported.

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