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Wednesday, August 08, 2012


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tim aka The Godless Heathen

Though the jab about “digging ourselves out a deep hole” could certainly be taken as a shot at W.

Though I’m so tired of this man’s hollow rhetoric, I’ll go ahead, for better or worse, and stab at my keyboard to refute his baseless claims.

“Most economists” do not agree the economy has gotten stronger. How could they? What are we now on, 41 straight months of unemployment above 8%? Gas prices hover near $4.00 for how long? Just love when you speak for “most economists” and “most wealthy people, and “most small business owners”. Shut it already, ‘cause when you say those things I know you’re just pulling it out of your backside. Sounds impressive but lacks integrity, which basically encapsulates your whole presidency.

And stop already, Barry, blaming congress. Or rather Republicans in the House. You had the House and the Senate for your first two years and what…nothing. Well not true, you guys where able to spend trillions, adding to the record deficit (talk about scaring investors and stalling the conomy) and adding a record tax, better known as Obamacare (What? Go ahead, claim it’s not a tax now.)

I will have to give you credit where credit is due, blaming states is a new one. But again, you could put double the amount of “teachers, firefighters, and first responders” (notice is always those professions) on the payroll, it wouldn’t do anything but force states to raise taxes to pay for their bloated salaries and unsustainable pensions.

But I do agree there is “a lot more things (you) could be doing. First, stop with the asinine, job killing regulations, the taxes and entitlement BS. Next…well the next will take care of itself, so to speak, come November. See ya’, wouldn’t wann’a be ya’.

And as far as your point about “schools, roads, bridges, airport, and ports”, those things are mainly paid for by state monies. And I know this is gonn’s coma as a shock to you, Mr. President, even though you’ve been “laser focused” on the economy since…you’ve taken office, but the states are B.R.O.K.E.!!! Because of the failed policies of the liberal establishment that have been running many states into the ground for years upon years. With help from the corrupt public unions, who you cherish so much.

But what do I know, I’m just one of those small businesses, related to the construction industry,…that didn’t build my company. Somebody else did that.

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