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Friday, August 10, 2012


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The election will be won or lost in 4 or 5 states and within those states a handful of counties each. That is maybe 20 or so critical counties. Right now while we all argue over Romneys taxes and Obamas dishonest commercials Democrat operatives are working in these counties to register dead voters secure absentee ballots and train union thugs to vote in every precinct. I predict that on election night it will appear that Romney won by a cat's whisker and the next morning when you wake up more votes will have been "found" and Obama will win in the true Chicago fashion. To top it off the Republicans will simply roll over and not challenege the obvious voter fraud and then later when it becomes obvious the election was stolen they Republicans won't have the balls to impeach him either. Four more years of the Marxist/Socialist in Chief will destroy our country and the Republicans will be figuring out how to split the "pork" by working with the Democrats.

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