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Thursday, August 02, 2012


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FoxNews's The Five announced today that this guy was fired from his job. Now that's what I call social justice.


Does this lady own the restaurant? No, she is just a person working and making a living. Why come and bring your personal issues to the people working there. If you don't like the companies policies, don't go there.
What an ass.


My father use to say: "the Lord looks after drunks and fools, but every now and then he gets distracted and a few fall through the cracks."

Isn't it nice to see one of these true purveyors of hate get caught by his own hand and run down by karma?

Karma road kill! Gotta love it.


Apologizing later does nothing whatsoever to change the fact that he made a hard working young lady miserable. You can see it in her breathing, her posture, and her commendable effort to continue smiling and being pleasant to him despite his words.

As someone who works in a food retail environment and has to listen to ideological rants on a daily basis (gay marriage supporters have nothing on environmentalists in that regard), my heart hurts for the employees who have to put up with idiots like Smith.

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