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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


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Space....the final frontier. America has seen her better days and made all the marks and milestones in space and elsewhere that she will ever make.

If someone would have told me twenty years ago that the American space program would be scrapped and that by 2012 if we wanted to go into space, we would have to hitchhike on forty year old obsolete Russian technology? I would have said they were crazy.

I would also of said they were crazy if they told me during Reagan's presidency that his successors would give it all away on the alter of egalitarian secular humanism. But they have. Each and every one of them and Romney will be no different in that regard.

Look! Up in the Sky! It's a bird! It's a plane!'s clouds blowing in the breeze. And those are the closest thing to hope and change that Obama will ever provide for this country.

The day will come when Americans look back at how things changed and realize that there is no hope of ever regaining our heritage or stature in the world. We will be relegated to the trash heap of other democracies that failed, all for the same reasons.

Perhaps a dictatorship is what is needed before my children's children will ever breath free air and taste the freedom that my forefathers spoke of.

Meanwhile, America is the final frontier of conquest for marxist communism and the present poser in chief is doing all in his power to see that realized and our fate sealed.

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